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Left 4 Dead 2: Tower
Source Engine

Tower is my second attempt at survival gamemode map creation for Left 4 Dead (in this case, Left 4 Dead 2). Unlike my other survival map, Forage, the goal was to create a level that offered survivors a number of spots to hold out, but enclose and define a very narrow playspace horizontally, and force players to work vertically. Due to the enclosed nature of the playspace, various routes are created through the use of windows and stairs to allow players movement options, and escape routes when fighting the special infected. Players must work and/or communicate together to avoid larger special infected like tanks or chargers which can knock players to their death over the edge of the terminal building or off of the upper platforms of the control tower.

The tower was styled after a number of small control towers, generally seen at small, regional airports, or airfields that cater to light aircraft. During planning, a number of features were added to the tower design to facilitate gameplay - specifically, a set of stairs within the tower, and on the exterior platforms, to create movement options for players, and a 'fence' ladder on one side of the tower which infected can climb to reach players situated in the tower's cab. The fire particle effects shown in the screenshots below are not included with the current revision of the map due to the lack of custom particle support in the L4D2 toolset. All art assets (aside from minor decal details) were created by Valve Software and are a part of the stock L4D2 assets.

Tower has received over 80,000 views and over 40,000 downloads at l4dmaps.com since it's initial posting and at the time of this writing carried a 'Critic' rating of 9.5 and a 'Member' rating of 9.1!

The current playable revision is Beta (v9) and may be downloaded here.

The source file is available here.

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