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Black Mesa: Black Mesa Inbound
Source Engine

The first level of Black Mesa Inbound is part of my work on the Black Mesa source engine mod. This chapter introduces the player to the Black Mesa facility through a tram ride, taking them through various portions of the facility before the fully playable portion of the game begins. This level went through a number of internal iterations and many designs were experimented with before settling on the current version; you can see some of the older development shots on the Inbound Development page.

One of my major responsibilities on this chapter was creating and defining a visual style and standard for the indoor tunnel components and track sections which are used throughout the rest of the chapter. The most recent pass on the level was done by fellow Black Mesa level designer Anthony Stone; the textures and prop models were created by various members of the Black Mesa team or are stock assets created by Valve Software and included with Half-Life 2's SDK.

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