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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: cs_hijack
Source Engine

Hijack is a medium-scale hostage rescue map for CS:GO, inspired by the classic Counter-Strike map "747". This scenario pits counter-terrorists as SWAT members trying to rescue hostages which are being held on a commandeered jet aircraft. Combat takes place in the outdoor ramp areas and inside the aircraft as well as throughout the terminal area (a portion of which is undergoing renovations).

I designed and built the map and a number of art assets, with the exception of the 2D skybox textures which were created by 'Mr. Chop' and released for free to the map-making community, and the stock assets that are included with CS:GO. The time between initial development and testing to release on Steam Workshop was a little over five months, with most development occuring in my free time away from university. Testing the layout and iterating for gameplay purposes only took a few weeks.

While one of my goals was to release a map for players to enjoy, a large personal goal with this project was to improve my environment art skills and techniques. A considerable portion of development time was spent becoming more familiar with tools like nDo2 and trying different ways to create assets (some assets started with a high-poly sculpt and were baked, some had their normal maps created in nDo and were textured in dDo, others were hand painted) - this increased the overall timeline of the project but also increased the rate at which assets were created later on. The idea behind creating the art assets was to take my time while learning and practicing, rather than focusing on speed, which might be expected in a production/studio environment.

The community's reception to the map has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 20,000 views in the first three days on the Steam Workshop and 33,000 subscribers downloading the map in the first week - within this same week it became one of the top five 'top rated all-time' maps on the CS:GO Workshop. As of this writing (September 2014) it is still one of the top rated maps on the CS:GO Workshop, with a 98% positive user rating. Player input from the Workshop page has been integral, and several updates have been released based on this feedback.

The latest version can be downloaded from the CS:GO Workshop.

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Prop and Texture Assets