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Nuclear Dawn: Al Jaber
Work in progress; Source Engine

Al Jaber is a huge level I created while working at InterWave Studios on Nuclear Dawn. ND's gameplay is a mix of real-time strategy and infantry combat and tactics; the map provides ample space for infantry players and has both long sight lines and ample cover, for players who like to play as and hunt snipers, respectively. It also offers plenty of space for the 'commander' players to expand their bases in an attempt to conquer the entire map and it's resource points. Much reference for the structures and overall theme of the map was drawn from middle eastern environments; particularly around Dubai and Kuwait.

My tasks included the initial map layout sketches, blocking passes, creation of final level geometry and other related tasks in Hammer, as well as placing props and implementing world materials created by other members of the team. I also created some small prop assets for the scene like road signs and clutter props, and wrote scripts for ambient sounds, materials, and detail props.

The majority of the scene assets like vehicles, world/environment textures, and static props/static meshes were created by fellow InterWave employees also working on ND.

This map was originally cut from the game when vehicles were removed from Nuclear Dawn, but was later updated, renamed to 'Oilfield' and included with a Nuclear Dawn update in late January 2012. The pictures here reflect my work on the map at the close of my employment term.

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